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SAP EP is a core solution for user integration in SAP NetWeaver which is a single application platform that can
integrate people, information, and process.


SAP EP Solution

Implementation of SAP EP

Role based user management and personalization support

Support a variety of integration method such as SAP ECC, BW, APO, and etc

Support a various development tools (Portal Development Kit, NW Developer Studio, etc)

Embed SSO such as Logon ticket

Achieve superior workforce through building SAP solution and management such as customers’ ECC, BW, and APO

According to the SAP knowledge, it provides defined business contents, thereby it makes easy to initial gap analysis

Using standardized SAP implementation method, minimize the implementation period and cost

Future Oriented

In the future, solution basement which can accommodate integrated EDMS system, that customers want to implement

Using SAP NetWeaver based on ESA-based ideas, it implements a base RTE (Real-Time Enterprise) which uses strategic implementation of BPM(Business Process Management) by customers

In the future, not only implementing the BPM using SAP, but also building base for BPEL(Business Process Execution Language) which is an international BPM solution standard technology and for WSDL(Web Services Description Language) which can accommodate international Web Service technology

SAP NetWeaver architecture

SAP Enterprise Portal
Powered by SAP NetWeaver
Secure access based on web-based and role-based
Integration of various formalized information
Front-end of SAP world
Provide a structured navigation
Support broad platform
Support extensive language
Develop based on open standards
Perfect integration of portal, knowledge management, and collaboration capabilities

Main function of SAP EP in SAP NetWeaver

Main Function


iView Server

● Repository which contain various kind contents
● Providing contents to Portal Builder, involving Contents Caching function especially, and communicating with several Applications
● iView Server is able to supply JAVA and .NET


● According to user’s role and authorization, build the arrangement of screen and the usage of application freely
● Being able to select screen and style which are suitable for web function freely

Portal Builder

● Select contents which are suitable for user’s role information and task, from iView server
● Display on a specific location of predefined page

Role Management

● Use LDAP which is able to adjust the authority and role of company and user
● LPAD which is used in Portal can be utilized by coming into user information in whole company’s LDAP

Multiple Access

● A variety of applications are able to access simultaneously
● Consequently, it contains efficient session function


● Supply standard interface with certified and encryption product such as PKI, SSL, and SNC
● Provide SSO function which is able to use with ID and Password in several applications

Unification Server

● Use HRNP(Hyper Relational Navigation Protocol) which is maintained at SRP only
● Easy Navigation server which is easy to make information lookup between applications


● Through the Unification server, technology which connect information lookup between Applications
● Applications can be integrated without any programs


Main function of SAP EP in SAP Netweaver


Implementation Technology


Development Support Technology


● Portal Development Kit added Plug-In of the Eclipse-based development
● Similar to the general JAVA or JSP Eclipse-based development
● Expression of the most powerful techniques UI

WebDynpro for JAVA

● The interactive development technology reflected the Design pattern MVC (Model, View, Control) technology-based ideas
● Development technology for getting high productivity using HTMLB, HTML5, and so forth from SAP

Viaual Composer

● Development using Adobe Flex components which is embedded SAP EP
● Already developed BAPI support on non-developers to enable UI development

Repository Framework

● TREX customization search engine technology utilizing to SAP EP-based KMS
● Use for CoP(Community of Practices) implementation of KMS

System Connection Technology

SSO(Single Sign On)

● A single authentication technology using method like Logon Ticket to the other systems
● Provide the base module for SSO on SAP, JAVA,.NET, ASP system implementation


● JAVA Authentication & Authorization Service
● Automatic authentication logon from a different computer when SAP EP is used to Main Service System


● The connecting method based on JAVA Connection Object when you connect to
other systems with SAP
● JAVA Connected Architecture, SAP EP WAS Connect provides a JAVA-based approach

Development Support Technology


● Commonly used in the development of general and SAP JAVA provides a way to develop Plug-In
● DTR, WebDynpro for JAVA based SAP EP, etc. Non-SAP development support


● Design Time Repository
● Provided by SAP for Configuration Management Repository
● Useful management tool of the large multi-party developers


SAP Netweaver Developer Studio Software Layer


SAP Netweaver Development Processr


Expected effects for constructed solutions

Easier Access to Information
Shortened task processing time due to improved accessibility to the information

Increased Collaboration
Improved efficiency of decision-making due to the increased collaboration and communication
Increased Integration
Identify real-time management status using integrated information

Ease of Operations
Ease of operations by providing improved Look & Feel

Effectively concentrate on required tasks with personalized Portal configuration

Rapid Implementation
Make quick construction feasible by utilizing predefined SAP Business Package
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