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SAP BW performs a role of information hub for enterprise data. This is an optimal solution of SAP ECC and external data information analysis, it provides tools to support from data extraction to final analysis function for effective analysis so that it can provide reliable analysis reports, systematic management of business management KPIs or operational KPIs, and support effective decision making.




Subject Oriented

● Minimize duplication data, and integrated data to share all business
● Data structures that is not depend on specific business function or application
● Integration data regarding to related data on the basis of enterprise common theme


● Physical unified data structure
● Guarantee data consistency through data modeling
● Secure data integration through standardization of enterprise data

Time Variant

● Hold for long period of time, and trend analysis of the past and the present
● Understand data changes over time and create snapshot through history data


● Load data and access data regularly
● Save the snapshot without updating the changes of transactional system


SAP BW Architecture


SAP BW Contents


Key role


● Access necessary data from Data Warehouse, and provide Management View for decision making
● Provide diverse analysis tools that make diverse format of unstructured inquiry or multi-dimensional inquiry for users
   - Dashboard : Structured report for executive based on FLEX
   - BEx Analyzer : Provide unstructured report that makes diverse format or multi-dimensional analysis
     for Microsoft Excel based UI
   - Web Application Designer : Provide unstructured report that makes multi-dimensional analysis in Explorer
     for HTML based UI

BW Server

● Constitute subject-oriented modeling that is considering Scalability for user.
● Centralization and convenience of maintenance management
● OLAP Processor : An analysis engine of BW that makes data from Source System analysis as diverse form
● Metadata Repository : it is data about the structures that contain data, information for Data Warehouse implementation, operation and using materials
● Staging Engine : Data storage
● Open Hub Service : Available to transfer BW DATA to Target system


● Data extraction system which is the lowest level of BW
● Source System can be SAP ECC or Non SAP (External System, Legacy system, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, Excel File..) etc.


Expected effectiveness based on case study

Expected effectiveness

Case diagram


Using Recorded data for several year

The most basic usage case that shows sales, profit and loss trend by years

Using internal and external data

Linkage data analysis not only internal data but also competitor information, major economic indicators, etc

Data integration by theme

Site map for analysis by task/ theme(ex: sales analysis, purchasing analysis, business cost benefit analysis)

Support analysis online

BEx Aanalyzer which is based on Microsoft Excel makes user analysis data that is stored in data warehouse without specific programing


Expected effectiveness by task


Expected effectiveness

Aspect of management

● Gain necessary information for decision making in proper time, improve the consistency of information
● Speed up making decision as reporting Line is simplified
● Provide scattered internal process, external information integrally
● People in charge can response quickly as needed

Aspect of analyst

● Increase productivity of creating information
● Promoting user’s convenience
● Analysis information by diverse method
● Information intellectualization
● Provide analysis information to management for decision making

Aspect of information system

● Implementing KPI Pool Provide flexible analysis method in changes
● Decrease development load for regular, non-typical report program
● Increase expected value of the invested system by effective and efficient operation

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