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Empower your business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context – with our flexible BI platform. Get ready to increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and drive better decision making across your organization.


Product Family


SAP Business Objects
Web Intelligence

● Quickly build ad-hoc queries and reports without a knowledge of SQL or the underlying data structure

SAP Business Objects Dashboards

● Provides a rich set of visualizations and controls to build highly interactive dashboards on third-party data sources

SAP Crystal Reports

● Produce pixel-perfect reports that are clear and customizable – for business insight that is easy to understand and act on

SAP Business Objects  Analysis,  MS Office

● Multi-dimension data analysis in a Microsoft Office environment

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP analysis

● Empower analysts to consume and explore multi-dimensional data sets

SAP Business Objects Explorer

● Easy enterprise data Search with reliable and powerful business intelligence


SAP BO Environment Landscape

● Unification information that integrated inside and outside of company’s information in environment that information is being decentralized and diversified is provided in a variety of ways.
● SAP BI Platform is uploaded together with the CMS which is the core engine of the WAS and BI Platform for Web Service on each server.
● Report & Job Server which is a formatted/interactive Engine of the WEB environment is operated by an appropriate quantity. In addition, Dashboard, Cache and Input/Output Server are distributed appropriately.

SAP BO Architecture Tiers




Client Tier

● The category consists of applications that interact with users for administration,
   publishing and viewing reports and other objects

Web tier

● Contains web applications deployed to a Java web application server. Web applications provide BI platform functionality to end users through a web browser

Management tier

● Coordinates and controls all of the components that make up the BI platform.
   It comprises the Central Management Server (CMS) and the Event Server and associated services

Storage tier

● Responsible for handling files, such as documents and reports

Processing tier

● Analyzes data, and produces reports and other output types. This is the only tier that accesses the databases that contain report data.

Data Tier

● Data Tier is made up of databases to feed data which is used for reports


Business Benefits

● Deliver engaging information to users where they need it.
● Track key performance indicators and summary data.
● Build custom experiences so users get what they need quickly.
● Discover areas to optimize your business.
● Answer related questions by interacting with pre-defined reports.
● Build printable reports for operational efficiency.
● Discover trends, outliers and areas of interest in your business.
● Adapt to business scenarios by combining, manipulating, and enriching data.
● Tell your story with self-service visualizations and analytics.
● Forecast and predict future outcomes.
● Minimize IT support costs by empowering end users to easily create and modify their own reports.
● Enhance custom applications with embedded reports.
● Quickly build formatted reports on any data source.
● Securely distribute reports both internally and externally.

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