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Atman Mobile Solution has a role to relay customer legacy service by mobile. It will provide synthetically security and control at the platform level for data and network terminal. It also supports fast and accurate decision by offering mobile touch optimized and user experience of mobile templates.


ATMAN Mobile Platform

• ATMAN Mobile Platform organize architecture to combine wire-wireless service
• Support simplification API for general WEB communication, Adobe Flex and Mobile service, and support stable and smooth system environment


• Mobile BI supports various template report to analyze effectively based on BI experience which had accumulated
  over the years through optimization touch method for mobile and users experience
• It supports convenience of report creation because it shows report template which is supported after the manger
  set report inquiry, form of chart, data and etc detailed according to the user authority
Native App

• Support rapid reaction velocity, idealized touch
  method, and user experience through creation
  of native code
• iOS : Objective-C, CorePlot(Chart Library)
• Android : JAVA, aiCharts(Chart Library)

Web&Hybrid Web

• Through using of Web standard technology (HTML5/CSS3), it can curtail for development
  time and it can implement in various mobile devices
• HTML5, CSS3, Sencha Touch(JavaScript Framework)


Expectation Effectiveness


Business Line


Business support system
- Construction of mobile system for effective treatment of field business


App development
- Project and development of mobile device’s app by utilizing contents

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