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Java is a software development framework based on an object-oriented and allows web application, general application, and Android mobile platform which has become a hot topic recently.


J2EE based JAVA Service Technology




Main Contents

Client Tech

X-Internet / AJAX

• It implement the Navigation of old client and server circumstance in Web
• It supports easy asynchronism Interface to user


• Language of MTML5 will release to solve the problem of web standard, and compatibility problem.

3rd Party

• Chrome, FireFox, etc. behavior Client-based technology to accommodate a variety of possible
• Using to products of Milplatform and MiBuilde

Service Tech

JSP(JAVA Server Page)

• Server-side Script way which is putting JAVA code in HTML document

EJB(Enterprise JAVA Beans)

• Reusable portable J2EE component
• It has superb applying in distributed surrounding because it uses Session Bean and Entity Bean


• Implementation method of JAVA program which can use in the web
• JAVA-based Expended , CGI App used to implement


• Reusable software component which can be handled visible in JAVA builder tool
• It is outstanding about sharing of software and security


SAP based JAVA Service Technology




Main Contents

SAP EP based


• Portal Development Kit
• It is possible to apply in every JAVA development of SAP EP base
• Support SAP to Edipse, and supplementarily develop Plug-In


• Java Connector Architecture
• Manage the connection when SAP EP is connecting to R/3

Client Framework

• The communication between SAP EP and Potlet(SAP Language)
• Event processing technology using Client Side

JAVA Service

• Implementing technology services within SAP EP WAS
• XML-based Configuration


• Java Authenntication&Authorization
• SAP EP role of the service provider during authentication technology
• Single Sign On
• SAP EP automatic login process in Peristalsis with other systems(ASP, .NET, AVA, LDAP …)

Service Tech


• JAVA Connected Object
• Non-Sap system R/3 connections in developing Skills provided by object level

X-Internet Solution

• R/3 core associated with the Web-based UI development technologies
• Web development in conjunction with the asynchronous RFC(Remote Function Call)


Android Mobile based JAVA Service Technology




Main Contents

Development Tools


• Java Development Kit
• basis for the development of java based tool


• Software Development Kit
• Android provides a tool for development that is packaged


• Android Development Tool
• Eclipse ADT Plug-In addition to the connection and Eclipse


Mobile App Application

• Android-based application running on local device
• Android market after you have downloaded the software using the registration

Mobile Web Application

• Application environments that run in mobile-based Web implementation of HTML5
• chrome, FireFox, etc. Considering the development of Web standards-based browser compatibility

Atman Mobile Solution

• SAP ECC BI system in connection with the Mobile Application
• The multiple charts, Dynamic View provides the user with a more intuitive analysis of the solution


ATMAN’s Direction for JAVA Development

JAVA based SI/SM

• Entire system Integration & System Management applied JAVA technology
• Development of asynchronous UI with dashboards style utilize X-Internet Solution ( MiPlatform, xPlatform, Flex)
• 3-Tier based developing an enterprise large scale system via J2EE

SAP based SI/SM

• Consulting on System Integration focused on SAP EP
• Integrating Non-SAP system with SAP system
• Implementing EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) with SAP BW, BI
• System implementing with function and development tool of SAP EP

Android based Mobile

• Mobile base Dashboard specialized in SAP BW, BI
• Mobile EIS for executives through Visualization Solution of ATMAN
• EIS Solution can be offered in Mobile App and Mobile Web

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