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A visualization technique that helps to executives of companies, end users, and other understand the business information and impart meanings more easily. This visualization also helps you recognize easily the pattern and correlation which is difficult to grasp via using the tables and graphs from the data text-based


SAP BW based Technology of Visualization Service Implementation


SAP BW based Implementation Case and Application Technology

Case Diagram

Service Technology

Bex Web Application ( SAP BW Business Explorer Suit ) + Fusion Chart
   - Implement with Web Application Designer
   - Provide Fusion Chart by replacing basic Chart
   - It can be developed without purchasing or installing additional Software
   - A various API of BW is available
    (facilitate functional implement such as Drill-down, Characteristics replacement)

Xcelsius ( SAP Business Object )
   - Development tools for Dashboard in SAP Business Object
   - Provide a variety of basic Component
   - Flex-based Xcelsius is dynamic and available for interaction development
   - Using a variety of Excel-based calculation or logic makes data transformation easy

Flex + Fusion Chart
   - Adobe's Flash development framework
   - Provide a variety of basic Component
   - Provide High Quality By replacing Basic Chart with Fusion Chart for Flex
   - Developed in OOP and reusability of the source is high
   - Possible development of a dynamic screen

Atman Framework ( Full Javascript library ) + Fusion Chart 
   - JavaScript libraries that support multiple browsers and Solutions for using Fusion Chart
   - Support various browser such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
   - Embed Fixed Frame or double header function, etc that standard SW does not provide
   - When the development and operation, we provide configuration guide for IT administrators
     who are not professional developers and easily managed


Checklist for the introduction of effective visualization

Can users understand the delivered information without further explanation?
Can users easily navigate through the visualized information? (Aim for complex UV)
Suitably use colors in minimum in order to maximize the effects
Use data with high relevance for clarity
Select the chart which fits for the purpose. Restrain from an inappropriate use just for showing
Avoid using tables for data comparison, and watch out for grid lines redundancy (Can confuse users)
Properly use the ability to move between screens by cases (Since the function for drawing users’ attention can confuse them with understanding other important information, stick to the basics.)
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